Zoë Evamy
Water Media Artist / Illustrator / Instructor

Edgar + Ellen

EDGAR + ELLEN – Art Direction

"Edgar + Ellen" the animated TV Holiday Special series comprised of 6 seasonal 30 minute shorts. It was co-produced at Bardel Entertainment Inc, BC Canada in partnership with Star Farm Enterprises and in association with YTV and Nicktoons Network. 

My position was Senior Art Director and I was fortunate to work with incredible talent across the board and too many to mention. The Art Department included character designer Greg Huculak, Location designer Byron LeBoe, Background artists Didier Arpin and Don Fuller. We were awarded an ELAN (Electronic Arts and Animation) for best Art Direction for an animated TV series.

The series is based on an original series of 9 books written by Charles Ogden and illustrated by Rick Carton. The stories revolve around two twelve-year old twins who cause mischief and mayhem in their sickly sweet town, Nod's Limbs.

Edgar and Ellen live in a 13-story mansion on the edge of Nod's Limbs. Ellen is supposedly the older of the twins by 2 minutes and 13 seconds. They live with a hairy creature who they refer to as Pet — a hairball with one eye. Their groundskeeper and caretaker, Heimertz, lives in a small shack just outside the house. Their mansion is located near a now disassembled junkyard, which the twins had lovingly dubbed their "Gadget Graveyard". They take parts from it and create marvelous contraptions for trouble.

Both of the twins wear striped footie pajamas and prank each other all day long—when they're not pranking the goody-goody townspeople of Nod's Limbs. They are clever, fearless, mischievous and creative. So creative, in fact, that their pranks often backfire hilariously.

The Back-to-School special, "Accept No Substitutes," was followed by a Halloween special, "Trick or Twins," a winter special, "Cold Medalists," a Valentine's special entitled "Crushed", and an April Fool's special "Nobody's Fools."