Zoë Evamy
Water Media Artist / Illustrator / Instructor


"Hidden worlds we share" new paintings of landscapes and birds.

A mini trailer for my new series of water media paintings exhibiting at

The Old School House Arts Centre

122 Fern Road West, Qualicum Beach May 27 - June 22

For sales please call the gallery at (250) 752-6133


My new body of work “Hidden worlds, We share” explores an ongoing interest in the cyclical movements of tides, seasons and bird migrations around the Squamish Estuary. The depth and richness of biodiversity at work in the Estuary goes largely unnoticed. The purpose of my artwork is to show ‘hidden’ elements integral to the wellbeing of the Estuary ecosystem and to nurture a passion for learning and sharing knowledge within the community.

 Through my recent development of this theme, I have shifted perspective from observer/painter of familiar landscape scenery to focus from within the Estuary itself. Walking and sketching outdoors, I take a closer look at the hidden world we share with plant and animal life, such as the energy and movement of wind, tides, erosion, changing river patterns and bird migration. From an unplanned, purely emotive starting point, my initial application of paint is charged with this energy. Brush marks and colour randomly placed, begin to suggest movement, sound and shape, which then become more carefully defined as bird and other natural life forms.

 This painting approach mirrors the idea of discovery, identifying and revealing hidden elements, the barely visible and often ignored, the elusive nature of some wildlife and the idea that we have to know something exists before we can miss it after it has gone. I sense some urgency to shift our focus as a community, from being consumers of digital media and virtual experience to appreciating the importance of biodiversity, which provides us clean air and water….. as long as we still have it.

 With appreciation for the shared knowledge and inspiration provided by the Squamish Environmental Conservation Society.

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